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Through the Years (1988-2008)

Through the Years (1988-2008)

Twenty most requested songs

Price: $10.00

Track Listing:

  1. The Church Will Rise
  2. He Thought That We Were Worth Calvary
  3. He Sent Me Running
  4. Under Control
  5. The Walls Came Down
  6. I Was Born To Praise The Lord
  7. I'm Saved To The Uttermost
  8. The Blood Covered It All
  9. I've Got That Old Time Religion
  10. Carry The Glorious Gospel
  11. One Drop Of Blood
    Movin' Up's first national charting song - Singing
  12. The Lighthouse
    with Allen Ham, soloist
  13. Matter Of Grace
  14. I'll Fly Away
  15. When We All Get To Heaven
  16. Til' The Storm
  17. Only Living Water
  18. I Will Follow Christ
  19. Hallelujah
  20. Jesus, What A Mighty Name